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                                                 Photos of the venerable Atomic Four engine on my Pearson 30

                                                                       (click on photos for larger image)

A4alt2.jpg (14627 bytes) A4exhst2.jpg (17706 bytes)

A4 Alternator, them., etc.

A4 port side, exhaust system

wpe1.jpg (7584 bytes) wpe2.jpg (6671 bytes)

A4 Rear view-distributor, etc.

Oberdorfer Water Pump

wpe3.jpg (5866 bytes) wpe2.jpg (5893 bytes)

Water Pump Cover

Inside water pump cover

wpe4.jpg (4404 bytes) watpumpx.jpg (8962 bytes)

Impeller and Shaft (note groove for circlip at end of shaft)

Water pump w/ cover off